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Fall 2017 Schedule

Job lost everything: his wealth, his health, and his ten children. All swept away in one satanic storm. Reduced to a heap of flesh, ashes, and tears—rebuked by friends and jeered by strangers—righteous Job wrestled over the purpose and presence of God in the midst of unbearable pain. Through the Book of Job, we are invited to revel in God's sovereign and surprisingly joyful purposes in allowing exquisite suffering in the lives of his saints. This story of human suffering and the sovereignty of God will be explored from both a theological and practical perspective by pastors and presenters at Fuel Student Ministry.

This fall, Fuel Student Ministry will be hosting a series titled "Misery and the Mercy of God." Each week will feature singing, devotion time, a keynote presentation and an opportunity for Q & A with our presenters. It is our hope and prayer that this series will help all present develop a deeper understanding of the presence and working of God in our lives, even and especially in the times of trail and tragedy.

The four Sunday nights for the fall series of Fuel are September 24-October 15. The events run from 6:00-7:30 pm each Sunday night at Urban Fuel Coffeehouse north of Fond du Lac.

The following is the schedule we have in place:

Promo week at WLA—September 8

Devotion: Job 1-2 with Pastor Matthew Kieker and the Fuel Band


Week 1—September 24

Devotion: Job 7:1-7

"Choosing to Live" with Pastor Kurt & Mrs. Connie Ebert


Week 2—October 1

"Job the Film” with Pastor Mark Parsons and the Fuel Band


Week 3—October 8

Devotion: Job 19:23-27a

"Job's Got Noth'n on Me" with Mrs. Laura Bublitz


Week 4—October 15

Devotion: Job 42:1-17

"Faith on Trial" with Pastor Leon Ehlert



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Kurt & Connie Ebert

Pastor Kurt Ebert has 32 years of experience as a parish pastor in the WELS.  A son of a pharmacist, he started thinking about becoming a pastor at 14 years old and never looked back.  He has served congregations in Omaha, NE, Fond du Lac, WI, Denver, CO and Thiensville, WI.  He enjoys all things outdoors:  fishing, hunting, camping, skiing, hiking, and also takes a turn at woodworking.  An up-north cabin is his "happy place."

His wife, Connie, has been with him just as long.  She's a pastor's daughter who also attained a teaching degree from Dr. Martin Luther College and still enjoys substitute classroom teaching.  While also loving the outdoors, she's a great cook and helper and takes delight in her three living children and their families.  She also cares for her 93 year old mother.

They speak about suicide as something close to the heart.  They lost their son Nathan at 16 years old.  For the past six years they have operated a support group for those who grieve suicide death, called "Wings of Hope."

Laura Bublitz

Laura Bublitz is the wife of Pastor Aaron Bublitz, pastor at Mt. Lebanon Lutheran in Milwaukee, WI. She is a mother of three children Micaiah, 13, Arianna, 11, and Keturah, 8. She works as an educational assistant at Mt. Lebanon Lutheran School in grades 7th and 8th. In her spare time she enjoys music, singing, hiking, walking her dog and spending time relaxing with her family.      

Laura will be presenting on the topic Job's Got Noth'n on Me: A wife and mom's journey through children's health issues and facing breast cancer

Leon Ehlert

Pastor Leon R. Ehlert shepherds both his flock of souls at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Green Bay and his flock of sheep on his farm. Before taking a Call to Beautiful Savior he spent the previous 19 years in ministry to young adults at Fox Valley Lutheran High School. 

Everyone suffers, yet Christians have a promise that God surrounds us with His protection.  In this study of the Book of Job we will critique four common misconceptions of suffering, learn why theodicy is such an important word, and, most importantly, be drawn to a closer reliance on God through the study of His Word.

Pastor Ehlert will be sharing the presentation Faith on Trail.

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Located in Peebles, Urban Fuel is a favorite local gathering spot with a fun and stylish atmosphere.

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Urban Fuel opened in March of 2015 and is located in the quiet village of Peebles.



(920) 933-5590



N7645 N Peebles Ln,

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin





7:00 am - 3:00 pm


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7:00 am - 3:00 pm


Each week at Fuel students begin and end the night with a time of song and musical meditation. The play list for each week of Fuel can be found here. Please listen through the songs so that you can sing along. (Note the versions of the songs we will sing at Fuel won't sound exactly like the recordings.)



Pastor Mark Parsons

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